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How was the box born?

It was cold outside, and there was an old oil stove in the house.
For hours we would sit in front of this stove, cheeks flushed with heat, and eyes sparkling from his flickering little flames.

On that day our parents went to work outside Jerusalem and we spent the afternoon watching excitedly as the snowflakes piled up.


Evening fell on white Jerusalem. Father and Mother are gone. The black TV also has black and white snowflakes. And there's no phone.

Want to play? My older brother asked me.    

What will we play? I asked.

Whatever you want... he said.

I ran to get my games before he changed his mind.
In the early morning, after they finally made their way down the snowy road, our parents found us sleeping covered with games and a blanket.

Wrapped in magic of that evening, I prepared our childhood games kit, which can provide a solution for connecting people in the winter in front of an oven, or at the beach in the summer, alone in the street, or with colleagues in the office.

I hope you will love it as much as I do.

Yours sincerely,
Tal  Diaminstein

דגל ישראל

Israeli Childhood Games

Israeli Childhood Games

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